Assessment and Consultation

Assessment and Consultation

We provide Psychological Testing, Clinical Supervision, and help mental health companies with their growth and development.

Clinical Supervision

Individual and Group Supervision with a Board Approved Supervisor. If you’re looking for further education to get your clinical license or a better understanding on a variety of mental health topics, we can help. Clinical and Administrative Support: Policy Development

Testing Evaluation Synopses


Adult ADHD Evaluation

(approx. 8-12 hours)

Attention Deficit Disorder impacts approximately 4.4% of adults in the U.S. However, ADHD often goes…

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Diagnostic Differential Evaluation
(approx. 6-8 hours)

Often times clients with a more nebulous presentation may be diagnosed with a multitude of different disorders…

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Bariatric Evaluation
(approx. 6-8 hours)

When a client is seeking Bariatric surgery, physicians require an in depth evaluation to determine…

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Psychological testing

List the tests we offer and the range of prices (I will email to you seperatly) 

Business Consulting

Whether you’re experiencing challenges with auditing, company culture, internal processes, or need a new business strategy to reflect your envisioned future, BPW Assessment & Consultation Services, LLC is here to help. Our business consulting services can help you maximize profits, understand current laws and regulations, adapt to today’s market dynamics, and implement new marketing strategies. We offer tools to enable optimal remote work while minimizing or preventing disruption in your operations.

Services we offer with definitions:


BPW shall provide the following consultation services to the Client (the “Consultation Services”):